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Gel Nail Options

  • Gel Nails - My original gel product allows length to be added and enhances the beauty of your nails with new gel technology. These thin natural looking nails are perfect for every day wear. The UV cured odor free gel bonds to the natural nail without harsh acids. Natural white, lucent clear and healthy pinks make these nails something you’ll be proud of. Get more information on Gel Nails here.

  • Shellac - is CND’s new polish. With the permanence of gels, it goes on with the ease of polish. This polish is lacquer based, a true innovation in chip-free extended wear color. It dries completely in 2 minutes. There need not be any filling or thinning done to the natural nail in its application. Shellac is soaked off in just 10 minutes. It also comes in a variety of colors and French Manicure.

  • OPI Gel Color - my new favorite. If you have had problems with gel polish sticking like it should, this one is for you! Is stays on well and comes off clean, not to mention all the great OPI color choices.

  • Gelish Polish - I've taken a second look at the Gelish polish. After some experimenting, I've weeded through to find the problem colors. Some I won't offer, but some are very good..