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"On the advice of a dear friend, who has been Kathyís client for 25+ years, I made an appointment at Heavenly Nails in Roeland Park. Kathy immediately made me feel comfortable and welcome in her salon, and expertly transformed my short, brittle nails with her gel nail technique. I love the gel nails Ė they stay shiny and beautiful between visits, and they allow my natural nails to grow out to a more attractive length. Kathy truly is a master of her craft, and getting to know her better during each visit is a wonderful bonus! Although I live in the Northland of Kansas City, having Kathy care for my nails is well worth the 30-minute drive each way. I recommend Kathy to everyone in the KC area Ė her central location is quite accessible from anywhere in the KC metro. I am thrilled with my new nails Ė thanks to Kathy, and to my friend who introduced me to her!"

Kansas City

"Ever since I moved here from Boston 3 years ago, I have been looking for a great manicurist/salon to do my nails. I went to every salon on both sides of the state line recommended to me and as you can imagine I was very dissatisfied. I don't have acrylic nails and had never used them in the past and almost all the salon's I went to specialized in acrylic nails! I had given up on finding someone to do my nails until I found Heavenly Nails. Kathy is remarkable in so many ways. I drive 1 hour (30 min each way) to have Kathy do my nails and believe me she is WORTH IT! She is by far the BEST manicurist in the KC Metro area. Thank you Kathy for not only my beautiful nails/hands but for wonderful friendly and clean salon visits."

Serena C.

"Nine months ago I came to Kathy for a "one time" gel manicure.  I'd had a bad experience at a salon and wanted to try gel nails with someone else.  Kathy is 25 minutes from my home and as a business owner and mother of two, I try to minimize drive time for appointments.  Before that first appointment I had every intention of finding someone much closer to home for my next manicure.  NOW I will NEVER switch to someone else.

That first manicure was great.  Kathy explained the process and I was impressed with her personality and the cleanliness of her salon.  When she was finished my nails looked gorgeous.  I booked a second appointment and have seen Kathy every two and a half to three weeks since.  The drive is well worth it.  My nails stay beautiful for up to 3 weeks…no chips, no peeling, and super-shiny.  I highly recommend Kathy to anyone looking for beautiful nails and a top-notch manicurist."

Allison D Darling

Iíve had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful nail technician! Her name is Kathy Lung and my nails look heavenly! I used to wear acrylic but wanted to try something new. I had heard about gel nails; I decided to give Kathy a call! Kathy is friendly, accommodating and experienced. My gel nails look professional and beautiful. They also have a wonderful shine! They last about three weeks which acrylic never did! Iíve received several compliments from people and I tell them about Kathy. If you want wonderful gel nails give Kathy a call. Iíll never use anyone else again.

Overland Park

I have worn acrylic nails for years.  I was never completely satisfied with their appearance.  In addition, I was always leery of the nail salons and their hygiene.  However, I did not know there was an alternative to liquid and powder until I discovered Kathy and gel nails.  It is very difficult to find a technician willing and experienced with gel nails.  When I would call salons and inquire they would say that it is not a good product.  That is so untrue.  Gel nails are better for your natural nails compared to the drying and harsh products required with acrylic.  Kathy is extremely skilled with gel product.  The appearance of gel nails is thinner and more natural looking.  I will never go back to acrylic!  I highly recommend Kathy.

Prairie Village

"The thing I love most about the gel nails is that it looks like clear polished nails all the time.  Working with my hands every day destroys regular polished nails within a day.  With the gel nails I can go several weeks between sessions and my nails always look great.  It's also nice knowing she cares about the work she does on my nails.  She never races through my appt. time unless I need her to.  She always makes me feel welcome and offers great conversation and friendship.  Thanks for helping me find this healthier way to make my nails look fantastic."

See you soon,

From Lenexa

"For many years I was subjected to the tyranny of artificial nails.  My vanity  would not let me admit my own nails were cracked, splitting little nubs.  I put up with the LONG hours of putting the nails on,  the short seconds of losing them, ( usually at some embarrassing time) and the pain in my nail beds after they fell off. I play the piano and love to clean "with gusto" and  "minus gloves"!!!!!!!!:):):)   I am VERY hard on nails.

It was a GREAT day for me when Kathy made me aware of the gel process.  I virtually never lose a nail and they usually last me for three weeks."

Thanks Kathy,

From Overland Park

"My husband surprised me by treating me to gel nails 3 months ago as part of our 20th anniversary celebration. Several of my friends get their nails done with Kathy, and they all love it. Honestly, since I have 6 children and home educate them all, I really had not wanted to take the time before.  Wow! Was I surprised!  I have not broken one nail yet and I spend no time on my nails between appointments. They always look great. The gel is such a good product and Kathy does a fantastic job!  My nails look very natural but always shiny, and last 3 to 4 weeks before they are grown out.  My hands even look younger, and my husband thinks they look pretty.  That's important to me."

From Overland Park

"I have been coming to Heavenly Nails for almost 13 years now.  Before that, I was very frustrated with artificial nails, as they popped of very easily and were very hard to maintain.  I was immediately impressed (and still am) by the ability Kathy had in filling my nails.  I have "scooped" nail beds and no one had been able to fill them right.  What a difference!! I have been wearing them ever since.  I also have been impressed by the cleanliness maintained in equipment, technique and products.  I have NEVER had ANY problem with infection with my nails since Kathy had done them (and this includes twice being in treatment for Leukemia, still no infection!!)   Since Heavenly Nails switched over to Gels, I have had even more success.  The nails stay shiny, the tips don't wear down and there is minimal lifting (sometimes none).  I get fills every 3 weeks on the average (due to my "scooped" nails), but know some who can go up to 5 weeks.

The personal, friendly atmosphere and attention are a definite bonus.  I highly recommend Heavenly Nails to anyone looking for a Safe, Competent, Professional Nail Technician.  You won't be disappointed!!"

Mary Beth
From Shawnee

Since my wedding in 2004, I used Biosculpture and thought it was great, until I discovered Kathy Lung and her gel product in March.  I must say I absolutely love it and I will not go back to the old stuff.  It  looks and feels great. My nails look so natural, my friends and co-workers complement me nearly every week, thinking I manicure every day - but no! My nails look shiny and great for weeks and they are durable and strong. As a Designer, I work with clients a lot showing portfolios and print samples. I have to have great looking hands.

For those out there looking for the perfect way to keep your hands looking like a million bucks without spending a million bucks - call Kathy Lung.  I love her, she's great!

Linda, Graphic Designer
From Overland Park

The first time Kathy gave me a gel manicure, was the day before I started packing to move my offices.  I remember looking at my fingernails and saying goodbye, knowing they wouldn't make it through the move.

The gel she used was a thin gel which I really liked. It definitely felt like my nail but stronger.  I couldn't believe after a day and a half of packing and a long day of moving my nails were still there!  Only one broke slightly at the tip but it didn't appear much shorter than the others.  With the amount of work I was doing with my hands, I couldn't believe that I had any nails left at all.
Kathy gave me a manicure under normal conditions this last time. It's been 4 weeks and the gel is just starting to peel at the tips. The polish lasted about a week - they looked great!!!  The thing I love about the gel is that even when the polish wears or chips off, I can just take it off and I still have a strong and shiny gel base underneath. They even look great without polish.


From Fairway

Iím Kathyís mom and have been doing nails for a long time, too.  I am so impressed with the product she is using and the way she is using it.  I am proud of her business ethics and her concern for her clients.  I know the business pretty well, and, yes, she is right.  These are not your motherís acrylic nails! 

No doubt, I am biased....but she knows I would not say that her work is terrific if I didnít believe it myself.

From Canby, Oregon

Just over a year ago, I thought I had tried every fingernail product known to man and was convinced that having long, beautiful, care-free nails was impossible.  Then, Kathy Lung suggested at church one morning that I visit her salon for a manicure with a special gel product.  Since then, I have been blessed with the greatest nails I could ever imagine! 

It's now common that even weeks into a manicure I receive compliments and inquiries about my nails (which never ever happened before!)  So, to say that I am satisfied with Kathy's work is quite the understatement.  In fact, to her horror, I've told Kathy that she is not allowed to die before me, because no one else in the Kansas City metro has her training with this particular product and it is 'her fault' that I'm so totally spoiled with her nails! 

I do a lot of hands-on projects in and outside our home, and used to spend hours and hours each week repairing, polishing, and touching-up my nails.  Worst of all, I could never manage to get lengthy nails at the same time.  Now, 'maintenance time' consists of filing-down my nails every 10 days or so because they get too long!  Kathy's process ends the chipping and the breaking, and the polish lasts so much longer.  Talk about thrilling!  I still smile when I compare how hard it used to be to just have O.K. nails, to how effortless, now, to have "heavenly nails!"  Thank you Kathy! ☺

From Prairie Village

Having never been one of those people who inherited beautiful nails from the parental genes, I resorted to all different ways of trying to cope with my naturally thin, short, brittle nails.  Iíve glued on, painted and played with various products to give the illusion of length.  I all but gave up thinking I was doomed to ugly nails for the rest of my life.  That is, until a couple of close friends recommended Kathy to me and assured me I wouldnít be disappointed with her work.  Well after being a client now for a little over 4 months, I can say they were totally right.  Kathy is one of a kind in her approach to nail care.  I was skeptical to try anything acrylic because of bad previous experiences with fungus and infection but I LOVE the gel nails.  They are so different from anything Iíve ever used on my nails.  They stay shiny between fills and still look beautiful weeks later.  Since Kathy has been doing my nails, I havenít had a problem with a single nail getting infected which both surprised and impressed me.   My nails are stronger and healthier than ever and I always get compliments from friends and family.  It makes me feel so good that even after my nails have grown out for a few weeks, people still take my hands in theirs and rave about how natural and beautiful my nails look.  I never thought my nails would be something I would get compliments on.  I wish I had before and after pictures to show the dramatic difference!  Thank you for all that you do Kathy!!  You are an amazing nail technician and a delightful person. 

From Kansas City, MO