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Gel Nails

  • Gel Nails are a safe, health-friendly, odorless, hypoallergenic, polymer that is used as a coating over the natural nail plate. Don't be fooled! If a UV light isn't used for every step, THEY'RE NOT GEL NAILS!

  • Gel can be used to sculpt a beautiful strong extension or just overlay your nail to protect the length you have now.

  • Gel Nails on young womanUnlike liquid and powder systems, gel doesn't lift so the natural nail surface is left in much better condition after prolonged use.

  • We don't drill your nails!!! We are trained professionals.

  • Unlike liquid and powder systems, gel needs no polish so color and shine last beautifully until your next appointment. You won't have to cover up fill lines, fire rings or replace ugly product. Gel stays beautiful and fresh.
  • Unlike liquid and powder systems, gel is somewhat flexible so chipping, cracking, and yellowing are very rare! If you're having these problems, CHECK THE LAMP. Every brand of gel has its own unique lamp to set its product correctly. Unfortunately not all Techs know this.

  • Gel Nails are strong, durable and safe with a high-gloss finish that far out lasts any polish and dries completely in LESS than 2 minutes so you can get on with your life.

  • No attention to the nail is necessary for several weeks between appointments.  The base is so thin, growth is hardly noticeable.

  • Our gel contains no toluene, acids, odor or formaldehyde.

  • I now have the 5 finger LED Lamp which dries most polish in 30 seconds. It's very nice!

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